Spring 2017

Hi friends! Lately I have been enjoying the nicer weather and my time at school. Spring has arrived and I have been busy playing outside more and celebrating Easter too! At school I learned all about Spring, did lots of craft work, and had an Easter egg hunt! At home we had an Easter party and I got balloons and cupcakes and got to open our Easter eggs with my brother Valentino. Oh- AND I went to Costco. Is there anywhere in the world that's more fun than Costco? I think not. 

Caspian doing work

Hi everyone! Did you know I do "work" at school? It's because I'm a big boy. I sit down during circle time and learn about important things like months and holidays. I also do "food prep" because then I can eat the food I help make :) I enjoy "pre writing," working with glue, and also reading books, even thought you might sometimes find me reading them upside down :)

Having fun at school

Hi everyone! Here are some photos of me hanging out and having fun at school with Valentino and my friends. I love my classroom, friends and teachers! I also really enjoy playing in the playground and having picnics.

Out and about

Here I am just hanging out. I like to party it up on the weekends and attend birthday parties. Enjoy!

Will you be my Valentine?

Hi friends! Happy Valentines Day! This year my Valentine is going to be my new baby sister. She is coming next week and I just can't wait to meet her! Me and Valentino are also mommy and daddy's Valentines.